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8 Weeks To Go!!!!

Hey BusyLittleBee World…Sissa here!!!! Well…it has been a hot minute since any of us have posted on our blog. I blinked and I have 8 weeks left to my pregnancy. So where did I leave off…oh yea, morning sickness.

The morning sickness subsided around week 13/14 and I was back to my normal self. I have been taking photos every two weeks of my belly growing and its amazing how quickly your body changes to grow this little human. I have to say I have had a great pregnancy…until the dreaded glucose test.

Lets start with the first test. It is a one hour test where you drink pure sugar that is masked to taste like flat orange soda (at least mine was, there are different “flavors”). Personally, I didn’t think it was that bad, the worst of it was afterwards I got a bad headache from what I assume is all the sugar in the drink. You should go in fasted but I was told I could eat one scrambled egg before the test just to quickly crave the hunger when I woke up. After waiting one hour, you then get your blood drawn. Now, I don’t know about everyone else but they took about 10 mini vials of blood. And when the results came back…I had failed, by 7 points. So now what…oh you get to take the three hour test.

The three hour test is basically the same thing. You go in fully fasted ( at least 8 hours) and they take your blood to find your starting level. Then you drink that wonderful drink again but this time it has MORE sugar in it. For the next 3 hours on the hour, you get your blood drawn. During this time I felt dizzy and nauseous at some points and you aren’t allowed to drink water while your doing the test…or so the lab told me but the doctor said I could have drank some water but that was after the test. My arms got a little bruised from the blood being drawn but this is all for me and the babies health right?!

A few days went by and surprise surprise…I failed 2 of the 3 blood draws by a few points. What does this mean you ask? This meant I was now diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. So here we add another doctor to my list. So now I have to check my levels 4 times a day, when I wake up and after each meal. What I can tell you is my level are beyond super normal and I am hoping that I can stop pricking myself soon and just watch what I eat in terms of sugary food (which is the only thing that does spike it).

So now that this post has been sad with my dealings I will say wait for next week when I plan on writing a post about making your baby registry list. That will be more uplifting…I promise.

Have a great day!!!!