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Quick…Easy…Cheap…and Super Trendy Halloween Shirts!

We have all been there before…. your little one comes home at 3pm and tells you “guess what” I can wear a festive shirt for Halloween spirit day tomorrow at school. Except you don’t have one!!!! Now what? Have no fear this quick, cheap & easy craft will save the day!


  • Spray Bottle mix with 50% water, 50% bleach
  • Blank Shirts (we opted to use black for this project)
  • Dollar Tree festive wood stencils

Insider Tips:

  • The larger stencils have a whole on top where string hands from. We cut the string out and placed a piece of tape there to cover it, so we wouldn’t end up with a whole in our designs.
  • Spraying close to the shirt gives you a more solid design such as the middle shirt. The girls sprayed further away and it was more of a sprinkled looked.
  • We did this on a sunny day so the shirts dried super quick. We flipped them over and did the back, so both sides have designs.
  • We did this on the grass and although flat it wasn’t the smoothes. Putting the stencils on and off caused the shirts to move slightly. It really didn’t affect our designs but just something to keep in mind when doing this, make sure the shirt is smooth.
  • Once the shirts were dried they smelled like bleach. So I did a quick wash with just the shirts in there and then dried them too.

The kids are super proud of their work and can’t wait to wear them. We have them just laying around waiting for their official debut and we keep getting compliments when people stop by. The best one was another parent asked me where we bought such cool Halloween shirts! Dollar Tree for the win!!

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Tired of spending a ton of money out, here is a way to make those streaming services work for you!

MOVIE: Peter Pan on Disney+
DINNER: Make Your Own Pizza Bar
MOVIE SNACKS: Dollar Tree Candy Isle

  • Disney+: $8 per month
  • Dollar Tree: $14 for containers/candy
  • Grocery Store: $10


  • Take advantage of your local Dollar Tree.  Sissa ended up going to two different ones to get all the supplies she needed and to fulfill the candy requirements for the busy bees.  You can also take the kids with you to pick out their own candy.
  • Find all the comfortable items in the house.  Pillows, bean bag chairs, blankets.  If you have a blow up pool large enough, set it up and throw the cozy items in it. 
  • Optional: Set up your concession stand without the children around so that when they walk into the space they are surprised by the night.  You can also leave the movie tickets by their bed to find in the morning.  


Pilsbury just came out with mini pizza dough so we had to try it out.  We purchased trays at Dollar Tree (or you can use your cookie sheets) as well as a 12 bowl pack, so that each kid had their own tray with dough, sauce and cheese to avoid any fighting.  The busy bees got super into making their own pizza.  The littlest bee needed some assistance but the other two were fully capable of doing it themselves.   


This did not take much.  We set up their snack containers on the counter with drink cups and the concession sign.  In the living room we put a blow up toddler mattress with pillows and blankets then put the movie poster sign under the tv.  When the kids came inside from pool time it was all set up and they were so excited to have a movie night and make their own dinner. 


At the end of the movie we asked the kids on a scale of 1-10, 10 being amazing, how would they rate it.  The scores were a 10/10, 9/10 and 4/10…I don’t think baby bee understood.  They already want to know when we can have another movie night!!!!