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Busy Little Bees NYC is a non-profit FREE parenting publication and monthly newsletter sent out to thousands of local parents filled with everything you need to keep kids happy & busy in the tri-state area, without breaking the bank! Parenting is hard as it is, let us help you plan fun filled days with your families! We strive to keep parents and caregivers up-to-date on all the area events and happenings for kids, and we also love to include articles of local interest, events, informational articles, easy DIY projects, recipes, giveaways, reviews, and so much more!


Mel B.

Hi! I’m the founder of Busy Little Bees NYC 🐝 I am a special education teacher from babies to elementary age. I probably wear too many hats as a wife, a friend, a sports mom, and a special needs mom advocate; just to name a few. You will typically find me driving all over the place busing my three beautiful kids around with a protein shake in my hand because who has time to eat when the children out number you 😂 and all the while planning fun activities to keep us entertained on our adventures. I love staying active and fit, to write, to read, to cook, to organize, and even try my hand at crafting!  

I’ve been blogging here at BLBNYC for years but did take a break for a few to focus on my kids and their special needs. I am so excited to be back and to partner up with new contributors, aka my ride and die girls, to bring you a blog that will cover you in all stages of this crazy life! 


Hi Everyone! My name is “Sissa” as the tiny humans like to call me.  I have a background in secondary mathematics with a masters in special education. I’ve known Mel B for a few years now but during the pandemic our friendship blossomed and I am so excited to join Busy Little Bees NYC and contribute as the newlywed of the group. My husband and I have been married for just over a year (I was a Covid bride) and we love finding things to do all over the city and tri-state area, kidless…for now. I am also a big kid at heart and love all things Disney as well as all thing crafty and creative.  


Hi everyone! I am known by many names to the tiny humans, but most of them call me Sue. I am the young, single, fun aunt of the group. I have always loved being around kids starting with working in day care at 16 to currently being a High school teacher. I have a history degree and special education certificate. I love being around the little ones and enjoying life through their eyes. I am here to bring you all the tips and tricks to helping with your little ones as well as adding in some child-free activities!

The Busy Bees

Also known as….

Sandwiches, Baby B., and Shrimp

(from left to right)

The Buys Bees are the real reason we are here! They are the reason this blog was started years ago! Trying to keep 3 kids, across 3 different age groups all entertained and happy is no easy feat but we are up for the challenge! The Busy Bees are more than thrilled that BLBNYC has expanded and look forward to making some guest appearances on the blog!