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Amazon Prime Recommendations

Happy Prime Day Eve!!!!!

Looonnnngggg time no newsletter. Well the Busy Bees Ladies have had a very busy end of the school year with the kids, pregnancy and work but we promise that we will be back on track real soon! However, with that being said make sure you are following us on Instagram @busylittlebeesnyc as we are constantly posting on our stories of events, ideas and other fun activities for your little bees.

Ok…Prime Day…Feels like the Olympics of Amazon every July. Mel B, Sissa and Sue have put together a list of items that they have purchased from Amazon that they are absolutely in love with. Now we can’t guarantee that these particular items will have the best sales for the day but you will at least know our favorite items and why we think they are a great buy. This is a long post but it’s well worth it!

PackIt Mod Lunch Bento Food Storage Container– this container is perfect for any meal you want to pack. The dividers allow you to separate food and are leak proof. To top it off you can put it in the dishwasher and microwave. Sissa likes it for her different snacks that she can eat during her day at work.

Fluf Flip Snack Sack: Reusable Snack & Sandwich Bag – especially for little ones, you can pick a different pattern for each snack they have. Like my little one has breakfast, morning & afternoon snack in school in addition to lunch. So these bags know which food she should eat when (like a yogurt should be in the morning before it gets to warm) and allows me to put more than one thing in a bag. Like a yogurt and a spoon. Or a granola bar & fresh fruit.

OmieBox Bento Box for Kids– Not gonna lie. I love this so much I’ve been caught at the field using it for myself while the kids play their game lol what’s not to love, customizable compartments, hot & cold foods together & the ability to just carry one box instead of 4 containers!

Welly First Aid Kit– If you don’t like normal band-aids let me tell you how fun Welly first aid kits are! They have colorful Band-Aids or bravery badges as they call them, that kids will love. While this is a large first aid kit they have smaller kits that are perfect for diaper bags, purses and kids backpacks. Sissa has a small kit in her purse that has Band-Aids and ointment as well as the large one in her car. They also have a heal blister protection and clear spot patches for blemishes. Sissa loves all their products.

Stojo Collapsible Travel Cup– You would be surprised how many “kid friendly” restaurants don’t have cups with lids on it. That is a disaster waiting to happen! But problem solved…..this collapsible cup is awesome bc it so small I can throw it pretty much any bag. Even if a restaurant doesn’t have kid friendly cups I can enjoy my dinner knowing I won’t be taking home a soaked toddler later.

Chef’n Garliczoom Garlic Chopper– If you cook with garlic this is a must have! It’s the hot wheels of garlic micers. It’s so easy my 4 year old can mice garlic on her own once I set it up.

Silicone Baking Sheet Pan Dividers– If you are a person who has a Hello Fresh subscription or something equivalent to that or you need to bake several sides for a dish in a small quantity these dividers are amazing. Sissa uses them all the time for her and her husband with their Hello Fresh meals. She places them on top of a cookie sheet and its an easy clean up too!

Sturdy Wardrobe Clothes Organizer– Mel B says this is a GAME CHANGER!! Easily find any shirt and keep your clothes from turning into a big mess in any closet shelf.

Hair Finishing Stick– Do you hate the little fly always in your hair. Sue loves this product as it puts those flyaways in place so your hair is picture perfect.

KOODER Handheld Fan– Sissa is not a fan of the heat…and neither are the busy bees kids. This USB charging fan with a mister is perfect to take with you for any activities during the summer. Sissa brings hers to Disney all the time and the kids bring them to the softball fields.

Sue has a general overall statement about Prime Day….DO NOT SLEEP ON AMAZON FASHION!!!! Sue has bought so many clothes lately on Amazon for formal affairs no less and received lots of compliments on them. The following items are some of her recommendations.


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