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Back To School In A Post-Covid World

Let’s help make this the best school year ever!

Last year’s school year was something we had never seen before, with many schools offering a fully remote option, children like mine haven’t stepped foot in a school since March of 2020. However, many school districts have done away with that full remote option. The goal is to get every child back to school for in person learning in September. So needless to say besides the normal first day gitteries we have some additional worries and concerns this year.  So Sissa, Sue and myself sat down and discussed how to help ease that transition from a teacher’s perspective to help prepare “the busy bees” for a return to in person learning and came up with these 5 easy tips we want to share with you: 

  • If there is anything we have learned & seen this past year is mental health is important. If you thought quartiened was hard for you, imagine a child who didn’t fully understand what was going on. So address their feelings and help them work out their emotions and of course seek the help of professionals if you feel it is out of your comfort zone. But most of the time, we all just need someone safe to vent to.
  • Being positive in front of kids. We are all adults and have so many different opinions on everything. That’s what makes us special and unique BUT even if you disagree with a school wide regulation, please encourage the kids to be respectful  and cooperative. The goal is to keep everyone, everyday, as safe as possible.                      
  • Stick to routines (bedtime/lunches/homework time) – kids thrive off routines and can find success when they know there are clear expectations and what is in store for them. At our home when the kids were little, we used a visual scheduler like Easy Daisy visual scheduler and now that they are older we use apps like Tiimo, where they can check off items in each activity as they complete it. Using tools like this takes a load off your plate, believe it or not. Yes, it requires you to plan out your day a little but once it’s done, you won’t be repeating yours 1,000 times anymore! 
  • Little ones need practice who didn’t get to experience school last year.   All summer long I have been packing Baby B’s lunch/dinner in her @Omni lunchbox she will be using in fall. So she gets used to opening and closing everything on her own. We also have been working on getting our shoes, jacket and clothing on and off independently. Teachers you’re welcome 😂         
  • Make the weekends about free time/free play (de stress) – that’s where we come in!! Check the blog and event calendar for ideas of inexpensive things to do with your hive without breaking your bank!! 

Wishing everyone an amazing 2021-2022 school year! Let’s be patient. Be positive. And always have fun! 


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